Subtronic Corporation

Utility-Locating-WaterfallSubtronic endeavors to be the absolute best subsurface utility engineering company in California because we understand that our modern society depends on the maintenance and intelligent construction of the utilities that we rely on every day.

Founded in 1984, Subtronic Corporation is one of Northern California’s most respected and relied upon Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) companies. Based in the Bay Area, Subtronic Corporation has also performed services throughout all of California, the lower 48 States and international locations such as Guam, Hawaii, England and the Middle East. Subtronic Corporation is committed to excellence and invests a considerable amount of time and money in the continual training of its technicians and purchasing of the latest SUE technologies.

Subtronic Corporation serves a diverse clientele base including Cities, Counties, Municipalities, Military Installations, Environmental firms, Contractors, Consulting Engineers and Utility Companies and is able to provide them the following services: Geophysical surveys, Utility location and mapping, GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) surveying, Vacuum excavation, 3D concrete scanning, CCTV inspections of pipe sizes 2” and above, Pipe cleaning and debris removal, and Leak detection.

Subtronic understands that every job is unique and has its own special requirements, which is why all of its employees from the President to the office staff have a detailed knowledge of our services and how they can best serve our client’s needs.

We are a DRUG-FREE, safety and quality oriented company and insist on providing the right services to our customers in a timely and cost efficient manner. All of our utility locating technicians have completed the OSHA mandated (SB 1359) “Competent Locator” training and are 40hr HAZWOPER and Confined Space certified.

Contact our office if you would like to schedule us to perform any of the follow services:Survey-Equipment-Yosemite2

  • Locate and map underground utilities in order to avoid damage during excavation.
  • Evaluate subsurface conditions using geophysical surveys for geotechnical work.
  • Vacuum excavation potholing to physically uncover and absolutely know where an underground utility is.
  • Find rebar, post tension cables or conduits in concrete.
  • Tie into an existing electric line, sewer, storm drain, water line or gas line.
  • Evaluate the condition of a pipe.
  • Find a leak.
  • Clean sewers and storm drains.

Subtronic also handles other utility services not listed above; so please contact us to find out more.