CCTV Pipe Inspection

Subtronic has a variety of high quality, high-resolution video inspection equipment that we use for our Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) pipe inspections. As sewer systems age, the chance of deterioration, blockages, and collapses increase, all of which are of major concern. We use CCTV inspections to determine current sewer conditions and to aid in the planning of a sewer maintenance program. Investing in proactive measures to improve performance levels of sewer systems will pay dividends over the long run.


  • Although our equipment was initially designed for use in sewers and drain pipes, we find that we can perform video inspections in a variety of situations
  • These include a visual survey of vertical gas chambers, drill borings, and hazardous waste sites
  • We use a variety of propulsion methods, from pushing the camera on ‘skids’ in small diameter pipes to robotic tractors for pipelines 4 to 48 inches, we are well equipped to provide video solutions for the majority of situations

Pipe Cleaning

  • We employ a range of cleaning methods from balling to high pressure jetting
  • We use Balling, where relatively light cleaning is required, and vehicle access may be limited. It utilizes the buildup of head pressure behind the balls, which sets up a spinning, cleaning action of the ball

Example Photos

Gas line which was horizontally bored through a sewer pipe. If this sewer pipe ever become clogged and it was cleaned via high pressure jetting or routing equipment without a prior TV inspection, the results can be serious, even life threatening. TV inspection should be a standard safety procedure undertaken before cleaning takes place when there is information of prior cross borings in the area.

Large break in this sewer pipe was only discovered once it was televised.

A large root ball has completely blocked a sewer lateral. A root ball of this size backs up the flow going into the sewer main and places a pressure on the pipe behind it, which can be damaging.

Damaged vitreous clay sewer pipe which has also been offset.