Utility Locating


To schedule a utility locating job with Subtronic Corporation, please contact us.

Very few detailed records of underground utilities exist even for recent work, and route changes often go unrecorded. Records that do exist are often inaccurate and incomplete. Every year people are injured or killed as a result of hitting buried pipes and cables during construction and excavation work. In addition, damaging existing utilities can lead to substantial cost overruns by causing delays for repairs and/or relocating of conflicting utilities. Utility locating and surveying provides an up-front and cost-effective means of detecting underground utilities.

Subtronic Corporation specializes in the locating, marking and mapping of all underground utilities, using the latest in electromagnetic, acoustic, ground penetrating radar (GPR) and surveying technologies. In addition to using standard utility locating equipment, all of our utility technicians are training in the use of GPR, allowing us to often find utilities which otherwise go undetected.Our utility locators undergo extensive in-house and onsite training and are all certified as “competent locators” in compliance with Senate Bill 1359.

Depending on a client’s needs, Subtronic can:

  • Detect and mark the utilities locations at the site.
  • Sketch the utilities onto existing site plans.
  • Perform accurate and detailed topographical surveys of all on-site utilities using a combination of GPS (Global Positioning System) or Total Station.
  • Create an AutoCAD file using provided or arbitrary coordinates.
  • Overlay the Utility AutoCAD fill onto existing site or topographical surveys.

Locating buried utilities is an art as well as a science. Experience, tenacity, and equipment are the most important factors for successful utility location. Subtronic has over 30 years of experience gained at thousands of sites throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Schedule one of our experienced utility locators to work for you by using our utility locating contact form.

To see an example of a completed AutoCad utility map created by Subtronic, please click the link below.

Utility Map Example 24×36