G-858 MagMapper Surveys

G858 ComponentsThe G-858 MagMapper is a high sensitivity, fast-sampling ‘walking’ magnetometer.  The high sampling rate of the instrument in continuous mode allows the operator to survey an area at a fast walking pace. In addition to being used as a walking unit, the G-858 can be set up for recording at a fixed location. Our G-858 MagMapper has a second sensor which provides the ability to measure the magnetic field gradient. The G-858 can also be used in conjunction with GPS, allowing for collected magnetic data to be mapped accurately.

For accurate magnetic surveys, we often survey a site with both the G-858 MagMapper and the EM61-MK2A in order to reinforce positive correlations.

The G-858 MagMapper is effective in locating the position and approximate dimensions of:

  • Underground storage tanks
  • Buried drums
  • Utilities
  • Infrastructure
  • Construction and industrial waste
  • Buried metallic waste
  • Unexploded ordinance

Reinforced Concrete Magnetic Anomaly Map

monterey road 5 acres new map Layout1 (1)

Subtronic Corp. performed magnetic surveys with the Geometrics G-858 in this abandoned lot in search of buried reinforced concrete. Five anomalous areas were observed quite distinctly from the surrounding fill. This area was surveyed in under a day utilizing a grid system.